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LineMap Draw can be used to create line network plans quickly and easily. The finished plans can then be scaled and printed or saved.

A line network plan is used for the schematic representation of public transport networks. Different colors are used to distinguish individual lines. Topographic accuracy is omitted in favor of a clear and space-saving design. The lines run only horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a 45° angle.

With LineMap Draw, the stations and lines are first entered and assigned accordingly. Afterwards, different network plans can be created, e.g. for the overall network, the railroad network or the bus network. To create a line network plan, the network plan settings are made first. This included, for example, the image size, colors, the background image, fonts, text spacing and alignment, and the properties of the station symbols. Then the lines are drawn and the stations positioned.

After that, the network map can be printed or saved. Since the line network plan is completely redrawn in the process, the quality losses that otherwise often occur - for example, blurred edges - can be prevented. Existing line network maps can also be pasted directly into other applications via the clipboard.

LineMap Draw is available in five editions (Home, S, M, L and XL) which differ in the supported image resolution. Line network plans for the leisure/hobby area can already be created with LineMap Draw Home. With the larger versions, correspondingly larger plans can be created. With the largest version "LineMap Draw XL" line network plans in the format A0 or larger can be created.

Version overview:

Features Home S M L XL
Commercial use -
Maximum resolution (pixels) 1200 x 1200 2000 x 2000 4000 x 4000 8000 x 8000 Length x width maximum 536,848,900 pixels (for pages of equal length 23021 x 23021)
Price 29 49 79 149 249

Note: In the XL version, the maximum resolution is only possible if no background image is included and is also very dependent on the computer configuration (e.g. main memory).

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